Power and Heat USA – Michigan

Power and Heat USA - Michigan
Fremont Community Digester Project (FCD) is located in Fremont, Michigan. It is a complete mix anaerobic digester plant. This $22m project utilizes proven co-digestion technology to process approximately 100,000 short ton per year of both organic waste and agricultural waste into green biogas (methane). The biogas is used to generate approximately 3 megawatts of renewable electricity and the power is sold to consumers’ energy under a long-term contract. The plant also produces dilute liquid fertilizer and a solid fertilizer for purchase by regional agricultural businesses.

Biogas Production:
12m Nm3/year

Biomass Treated:
110,000 tonnes/year

Fruit and vegetable waste, manure, slaughterhouse waste, and residues from pharmaceutical industries

Digester Capacity:
10,500 m3

Process Temperature:
52 °C (thermophilic)

Energy Production:
3.0 MWe

Plant Start-Up:

Liquid Fertilizer Production:
240 m3/day

Solid Fertilizer Production:
15 tonnes/day

Basic Engineering Package

Review of detailed engineering

Supervision during construction

Planning and execution of the start-up of the digesters

Responsible for commissioning and testing

Operational support