Renew Energy provides engineering and consulting services to all stages of a biogas project. We provide operational support and optimizations to new and existing biogas plants. In addition, we can be in charge of authority approval work. Renew Energy can further contribute to establishing attractive financing of new projects. We make well-documented digestion tests, for instance if a project includes biomasses that are not well known, or an existing biogas plant wants to have biomasses studied.

Digestion tests not only determine the biomass composition, but also the biogas potential. Typically, a biogas project consists of five stages prior to steady state operations: project development, plant design, facility engineering, plant construction, and commissioning. After commissioning, Renew Energy will provide operational support.


In the project development stage, a first evaluation of the project will often be a screening report followed by a feasibility study, and sometimes skipping ahead to initiate a full feasibility study first

The purpose of the initial screening and feasibility study is to define an economic project and development plan for executing the design, permitting, financing, and construction of the biogas project.

In any case, the first step of the project development is to evaluate the biomasses available for the biogas production. Renew Energy has more than 30 years of experience in determining biogas potentials of different biomasses. Already at this stage of the project, a well-documented biogas calculation is prepared.

Renew Energy can carry out analyses and digestion tests to determine the gas potential of the biomasses where composition and/or gas potential are not known, or the client can provide us with the relevant data if available.

During the project development, information is gathered to show the overall opportunities and identify possible challenges. The project development stage will clearly demonstrate whether the project can be implemented successfully. At this stage, we can also examine financing possibilities and assist our customers with establishing attractive financing solutions.

The initial screening may include:

  • Determination of biomasses available, quantities, and calculation of biogas
  • Sales of biogas and fertilizer products
  • Plant size
  • Block flow diagram
  • Evaluation of possible pretreatment methods for feedstock
  • Evaluation of possible after-treatment technologies for degassed biomass.

In addition, the feasibility study may include:

  • Project description Design basis
  • Mass balance and energy balance
  • Process description
  • Layout Process flow diagram
  • Preliminary budgets.

Of course, changes will still (almost guaranteed) occur to the project in the later stages, alternative solutions appear, or costs change, but from an overall perspective you as client will generally experience that within a +/- 10% deviation, the foundation for the project will be framed completely in.


    Renew Energy provides process and visual design of biogas plants and biorefineries adapted to the requirements of the individual customer.

    Every single project is unique and our starting point is to design plants that are adapted and optimized in relation to the solution giving maximum value to the individual project, as well as ensure the process and facility itself, fits in with local demands and requirements

    Renew Energy’s plant design is based on our profound knowledge of the biological process and experience with specific equipment.



    Renew Energy provides technical engineering of biogas plants and biorefineries  also adapted to the requirements of the individual customer. The basis is a well-defined analysis of the biomass available.

    Depending on the requirements of the customer, the role of Renew Energy as either owners engineer or EPC and of course local conditions, we can produce and provide Basic Engineering and / or Detailed Engineering.

    Basic Design and Engineering is a continuation of the feasibility study, and the overall parameters of the project are set in the form of a process flow, specifications to equipment, and P&ID diagrams etc.

    In the Detailed Engineering stage, the design will be completed and working drawings will be prepared according to which the plant will be built. Often, Detailed Engineering is completed in collaboration with the contractor in charge of the building and construction work, which will typically be selected in a collaboration between the owner and Renew Energy.


    The contractor and Renew Energy can assume all responsibility during the construction of the plant. Renew Energy offers its services as either Owners Engineer and can also take on the task of being EPC and deliver turn-key facilities utilizing the backup of our financing partners. Often, however, in international projects, Renew Energy will assume the role of owner’s engineer and cooperate with the local contractor throughout the whole construction period.

    In case Renew Energy is turn-key supplier, we always include local site management within our offer, but the service is also supplied in the role of owners engineer.


    Renew Energy works out test descriptions and protocols for the start-up and commissioning of the plant. We monitor the whole process in order to secure that the plant will meet the design specifications.

    At the start-up of the plant, the digesters will be filled with inoculum (digester contents from a well-functioning and similar biogas plant). Afterwards, biomasses are added according to a carefully developed plan for the start-up. Renew Energy supervises the whole commissioning. After the commissioning of the plant, an operational test will be completed to demonstrate that the plant meets the design basis and lives up to the given guarantees

    Renew Energy is experienced in securing steady and controlled start-up and commissioning of processing plants.


    The first years of operation are the most critical years for a processing plant. Extra focus will be demanded, and a service contract with Renew Energy on operational support in the first years will secure a healthy and well-functioning biogas process, to ensure your biomasses continue to give our clients maximum gas yield.

    With a service contract, Renew Energy constantly monitors and optimizes the biogas process utilizes its many years  of experience with biogas construction and operation to our clients. From our experience, most facilities could, with a bit of optimization and monitorization increase their gas yield by 10 to 20 percent, increasing the net revenue dramatically.