Kurana, Lithuania

KURANA, Lithuania

Kurana is the first biorefinery project of its type in the world, where biogas and nutrient recovery is integrated with a bioethanol facility.

At the facility, byproducts left after the production of bioethanol are being mixed and supplemented by organic materials and digested for biogas.

The biogas is being utilized in cogeneration units and steam boilers.

A part of thermal energy and electricity is being used for technological process. Excess electricity and heat is sold to other industries and district heating.


Biogas Production:
24 MCM

Biomass Treated:
290.000 TPY

Biproducts from ethanol production and other organic waste streams

Digester Capacity:
25.000 m3

Process Temperature:
52 °C (thermophilic)

Energy Production:
16,5 MW electricity and steam

Plant Start-Up:

Solid Fertilizer Production:
19.000 TPY

Basic Engineering Package

 Detailed engineering

Supervision during construction

Planning and execution of the start-up of the digesters

Supervision at commissioning and testing


Operational support