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Biogas Alliance in North America (WBA group)
Renew Energy is an active member of the The Waste, Recycling and Biogas Advisory (WBA) biogas alliance within the Danish Trade Council in North America. WBA consists of industry experts with significant knowledge and relationships in North America and a deep commitment to advancing sustainable waste management solutions and biogas innovations. 
Together with other WBA partners we create compelling and competitive value proposition in North America projects. The WBA team is headquartered at the Danish Embassy in Washington, D.C. WBA is also a member of the American Biogas Council and works to promote the development of biogas in the U.S.

Link to the WBA Biogas Alliance
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Danish Biogas Alliance in Korea

Renew Energy is an active member of the Danish Korean Biogas Alliance co-ordinated by the Danish Trade Council Seoul.


JP Solution, Industrial Partner, South Korea

Project developer in South Korea.


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Danish Biogas Association

Renew Energy is an active member of the Danish Biogas Association that aims to promote the production and the use of biogas in Denmark as an economically sound and sustainable basis for a successful energy transition and as a political priority.

Biogas World about the Danish Biogas Association in English. 



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ReCon Associates, USA. Members include seasoned energy executives, managers, academics, scientists and researchers. Collectively, ReCon’s principals have 280 years in the energy industry. ReCon maintains “of counsel” relationships with world-class engineering and legal firms. All members have boardroom and senior management experience in their respective fields. Members collaborate on a project-by-project basis, focused on the specific needs and circumstances of the client.



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