US biogas delegation visits Denmark

Sunday, February 3, 2019 10:13 AM

US delegation, Credits: State of Green

In September 2018, a diverse group of 13 professionals from the U.S. biogas sector traveled to Denmark to learn about the Danish approach to biogas and particular policies and innovations related to development and operation of Danish biogas systems. The four-day tour was organized by the Danish Trade Council, and included meetings with policy makers, and tours of biogas plants, integrated gas treatment and odor control systems, and food waste preprocessing facilities.

During the four-day tour the delegation visited Nature Energy Månsson - the largest “organic” to bio-methane plant in Denmark - where Renew Energy have delivered design and engineering. Renew Energy have been the process advisor and also been the supplier of core biogas plant units including a receiving section for solid biomass.

Poul Ejner Rasmussen (CEO of Renew Energy) participated in the tour and felt a very pleasant atmosphere and good mood among the participants. He notes that he has got some very interesting contacts that he will follow up and keep in touch with.

Jan Thorup Hansen (The Renew Energy Project Manager on the Månson Biogas Project) took part in the presentation of Nature Energy Månsson and felt that the US delegation were very enthusiastic about what they saw

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