New CEO of Renew Energy A/S

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 9:16 AM

The Danish bioenergy company Renew Energy A/S will have a new CEO

On 1 July 2017, Jesper Bang Andersen will take over the chief executive position of the engineering company Renew Energy A/S. He replaces Lars Brodersen Holm.

”With his unique experience in the commercial development of energy technologies, we are confident that Jesper Bang Andersen can add high value and ensure that Renew Energy’s current and future projects will become commercial successes for both us as well as our customers so that we will have a solid base from which we can expand the business”, says Renew Energy’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Morten Barrit Kraft.

Jesper Bang Andersen holds a master degree in Economics, a degree in Innovation Management from the Technical University of Denmark, and a degree in Mediation from the University of Copenhagen. Jesper Andersen is also a partner in the consultancy company Doublesculler ApS, whose business area is the development and commercialization of energy technologies. Before that, he held a position as a business developer and a partnership leader in the energy sector.

According to Jesper Bang Andersen, the position as CEO of Renew Energy is very exciting.

”Renew Energy has a pre-eminent and ground-breaking technology and the employees are among the most qualified specialists within their field. Therefore, I had to say yes, when I got the offer, he says.

Renew Energy A/S are experts in designing and optimizing biogas plants. The company's technology can not only ensure high and stable production from biogas plants, it can also - as one of the only in the world - recover the nutrients contained in the biomass so that they can subsequently be used as fertilizers. The company, together with partners, has developed and implemented projects in, among others, Lithuania, Poland, the United States, and Denmark. Most recently as consultant at Denmark's largest organic biogas plant, Nature Energy Maansson in Brande, and as adviser to a large biogas plant in New Jersey, USA that treats food waste.

Morten Barrit Kraft
Chairman of the Board of Directors