Next Step in the Development of the Danish Blaabjerg Biogas Plant

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 11:19 AM

Reaktorer ved Blåbjerg Biogas

Renew Energy is starting the 3rd expansion of Blaabjerg Biogas Plant within 5 years. The new expansion is a 10 km long gas line to the military camp at Nymindegab. The camp wants to run a CHP plant on environmentally friendly biogas. On the road to the military camp, the gas line will branch out to the holiday resort of Dayz Seawest who also greatly benefits by changing their current fuel to biogas.

In 2009, Renew Energy delivered a new 5,000 m3 CSTR digester to the biogas plant which doubled the digester capacity. In 2011, two old digesters were replaced by a second 5,000 m3 CSTR digester. At that time, a new heating system, a desulphurization unit, and a feeding system were installed as well.  

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