Isfahan Waste-to-energy Project

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 12:57 PM

Sorted municipal solid waste in Isfahan

Renew Energy has concluded an agreement with the city of Isfahan in Iran on the supply of consultancy services and technical assistance in connection with the establishment of a biogas plant that is going to treat the organic waste of the city.  

Isfahan is a famous commercial centre on the Silk Road and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Isfahan has a population of two million people. The city has a well-functioning waste collection system and the waste is separated at a central sorting plant. The organic fraction – 750 tons/day – is composted, but, in future, it will be treated in a biogas plant. 

The first phase of the project – 250 tons/day – will be designed in 2015 and built in 2016. The gas production is adequate to run a 3 MW CHP plant. When fully expanded to 750 tons/day, it will produce 8 MW.

It is expected that the residual products, a solid and a liquid fertiliser fraction, will be used in the many beautiful parks of the city.

Due to existing sanctions, exportation of knowhow and technology to Iran requires a preliminary approval by the “Erhvervsstyrelsen” (Danish Business Authority). The Authority has examined the project and evaluated that it is beyond the scope of the existing sanctions. Thus, Renew Energy can deliver the agreed consultancy services and subsequent supplies of equipment.

Renew Energy expects that the Isfahan project is the beginning of a long journey on the Silk Road and that the collaboration with Isfahan will be extended and include other cities in Iran.