Foodwaste for biogas

Food Waste

Some types of biomass require pretreatment before they can be fed into biogas digesters. Food waste from e.g. households, restaurants or food industries, needs to be shredded and pulped to become pumpable. If the food waste contains inorganics such as metal, plastics and glass, these are removed in the pretreatment process. Renew Energy has extensive experience in pretreatment of food waste for biogas plants.

Slaughterhouse Waste

Animal by-products not intended for human consumption are a potential source of risks to public and animal health. Within the European Union, this area is regulated by the Animal by-product Regulation. Handling of these waste streams requires a sanitation or sterilization step preferably placed as a pretreatment step. The slaughterhouse waste stream is normally shredded and heated to secure that all pathogens and viruses are killed.Grøn biomasse.

Green Biomass

Dry biomasses such as grass, silage, straw etc. require special feed-in systems that can shred and open the biomasses in order to secure that the solids can be mixed efficiently with the liquid in the digesters. Hereby floating layers are also avoided. Renew Energy constantly investigates new technologies within feeding-in of solid biomasses to be at the forefront with our knowledge.