Renew Energy provides biogas plants and biorefineries based on organic residual products from the food sector. The biogas technology can solve environmental problems and at the same time produce energy to be used for process energy and/or sold as green energy.
Food industries can reduce their CO2 emission significantly by employing Renew Energy’s biogas plant. Emission of greenhouse gasses caused by fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas can be reduced when substituted by biogas. Industries can improve their environmental performance.

Renew Energy is experienced in designing biogas plants treating food waste from service and catering industries, supermarkets, and organic waste from households. It is often resources being burnt in waste incinerators or dumped in landfills. Municipalities can promote a green profile by utilizing organic waste as feedstock in biogas plants and hereby gain green energy production and recycle nutrients otherwise being lost.

Food waste is often found in urban areas where spreading of the digested biomass can be a problem as there is no access to farmland. In this context, it is an ideal opportunity to concentrate fertilizer products in Renew Energy's nutrient recovery process and produce valuable end products which can be sold.
Often, food waste requires pretreatment before it can be fed into the digesters.

Learn more about pretreatment here.

Biomasses based on foodwaste:

• Organic household waste
• Food waste from restaurants and catering industries
• Organic waste from supermarkets
• Waste from food processing industries, including slaughterhouse and brewery waste
• Vegetable and fruit waste