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Renew Energy A/S is an engineering services company, providing focused consulting in sustainable bioenergy production. Our expertise benefits local and international customers by designing effective conversion processes for the agricultural, food, and distillation sectors.

The Renew Energy team draws on senior expertise in environmentally conscious engineering, engaging and guiding the best new talent available. Together with our strategic partnerships, Renew Energy’s competencies make us a reliable, visionary, and innovative technology provider. The quality solutions are based on experienced knowledge of the bioenergy sector, and the needs of our customers.


– environmentally sustainable business foundation

Our vision is to be recognized as a global provider of economically, and environmentally sustainable biogas production, and biorefinery solutions.

Our mission is to provide economically and environmentally attractive bioenergy production solutions that can reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.

Renew Energy operates on the basis of a well defined, value-added business foundation in the development of green or environmentally sustainable solutions. Renew Energy’s focus is on knowledge development and innovation.


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Our Office

Our Office

The Team

Poul Ejner Rasmussen Poul Ejner Rasmussen

CEO and Founder
Jan Thorup Hansen Jan Thorup Hansen

Technical Manager
Jesper Dokkedahl Nielsen Jesper Dokkedahl Nielsen

Project Engineer
Hans Christian Andersen Hans Christian Andersen

Chemical Engineer
Chengcong Chen Chengcong Chen

Chemical Engineer
Esben Mortensen Esben Mortensen

Project Manager
Anna Øyås Rasmussen Anna Øyås Rasmussen

Jørgen Lyngsø Jørgen Lyngsø

Site Manager USA
Siamak Mesbah Siamak Mesbah

Area Manager Middle East