Blåbjerg Biogas, Denmark

Blåbjerg Biogas

Blaabjerg Biogas is a well run Danish biogas plant. The plant produces energy and contributes to a better distribution of surplus manure from intensive livestock farming in the area. About 3,000 households in Nr. Nebel and region benefit from the environmentally friendly electricity and heat. The plant is among other things treating fish oil, fish waste, and waste products from dairies and is an important asset to the local area as well as helping to give the area a green profile.

Technical Data

Biogas Production:
6.5m Nm3/year. Expected to be 9.0m Nm3/year in 2015

Biomass treated:
175,000 tonnes/year. Expected to be 260,000 tonnes/year in 2015

Cattle slurry, pig slurry, industrial waste

Digester Capacity:
10,000 m3 and 15,000 m3 in 2015

Process Temperature:
52 °C (thermophilic)

Energy Production:
2.8 MWe

Average Transport Distance:
5-10 km

Plant Start-Up:



Renew Energy’s Involvement

Engineering, planning, reconstruction, and construction of expansions in 2009, 2011, and 2014.

During planning and construction in 1991-96, Poul Ejner Rasmussen, CEO of Renew Energy, was owner’s engineer, and since then he has provided consultancy to the Board of Directors.