Allter Power Biogas, Poland

Allter Power Biogas, Poland

The Allter Power Biogas plant is located in northern Poland and built in connection with a local ethanol plant. Since December 2011, the biogas plant has been producing environmental green energy by utilizing stillage, a waste product from the ethanol production, manure, beet pulp, and various types of vegetable wastes.

The biogas produced by the biogas plant is delivered to the ethanol plant where it is converted into heat and power and used for producing ethanol. An ethanol plant together with a biogas plant is a strong combination where the environmental impact of the ethanol plant will be significantly reduced.

Technical Data

Biogas Production:
6.0m Nm3/year

Biomass Treated:
84,000 tonnes/year

Stillage, manure, vegetable waste and beet pulp

Digester Capacity:
5,300 m3

Process Temperature:
52 °C (thermophilic)

Energy Production:
1.6 MWe

Plant Start-Up:

Renew Energy’s Involvement

Basic Engineering Package

Support during detailed engineering

Supervision during construction

Planning and execution of the start-up of the digesters

Responsible for commissioning and testing

Operational support